Use the calendar below to find specific information about each event.  Click the arrows in the upper corner to change the month.  Click on each event date to open up a page which provides details such as start time, location etc.  More details are also provided under the TAB Programs.

Ladies 100 km challenge

May 2016
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Ride #1-Neebing Roadhouse
May. 4, 2016

Start Location: Neebing Roadhouse on Hwy 61 at 20th Sideroad

Start Time: 6:15 pm

Ride Sponsor: Fresh Air

There will be 3 ride distances to choose from. Fresh Air will be available at the start from 5:30 - 6:15pm to help with any minor bike issues and to help inflate tires before the ride!

We will have leaders and sweeps for each group and a sag vehicle for support.

TT#3: Oliver Rd: 15 km
May. 5, 2016

Date: May 5, June 30, Aug 25 & Sept 22         

Race Name:  Oliver Road 15 km             Distance (Km):  15 km

Format:         Out and back              

Description: Traditonal 15 km out and back on Oliver road. Good pavement but traffic can be heavy sometimes. Be careful with turn around on Oliver

Start: West edge of villiage of Murillo on Oliver Road

Parking: Murillo Muncipal Office parking lot


Cheese Farm
May. 7, 2016


Date:  May 7 (Saturday)               Time: 11:00  am    Distance (Km):  37.8

Ride Name:  Cheese Farm Ride

Start Location: Vickers Height Community Centre on Broadway Ave

General Course Description:

Easy ride through the farm lands south of Thunder Bay. 


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Women's Clinic
May. 11, 2016

Location: Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute - 333 High Street N


Room #: 

Aspire to be all that you can!

Guest speakers Janet Sillman and Paul Hemmsworth

TT#4: Gillespie Loop 13 km
May. 12, 2016

Date: May 12, July 2

Race Name: Gillespie loop                              Distance (Km):  13 km

Time: Registration 6:00 pm        Race : 6:30 pm

Format:         Clockwise loop course           

Description: Out Highway 61, right onto Hwy 130, Right onto Candy Mt right on  Gillespie

Start: Junction of Hwy 61 and Gillespie Road.

Finish: On Gillespie Road just before Hwy 61 jct.

Parking: Neebing Road house parking lot  

Comments: New course for 2014. It should be a great course with new pavement down to the first turn off. Neutral ride back to parking lot.


RR#1: Hwy 595 one way
May. 14, 2016

Date: May 14 @ 10:30 am Race Name: Hwy 595 one-way             Distance (Km): 39.53 km


Format:           Australian Pursuit             

Description: Hwy 130-Barrie Drive-right on to River Road-Hwy 588 -Hwy 595 end just before Hwy 590

Start: Opposite entrance to White Water Golf Course

Finish: Just before Junction of Hwy 595 and Hwy 590

Parking: South Shoulder of Gardner Road beside Variety store

Comments: Categories will depart in reverse order (Cat 4, Cat 3, Women, Cat 2 and Cat 1) based on pre- calculated paces. Group ride back to start.



Lakeshore Drive Free Tryout
May. 15, 2016




Date:  May 15                      Time: 11:00 am      Distance (Km):   46

Ride Name:  Lakeshore out and back

Start Location: Boulevard Lake West Parking Lot

General Course Description:

Start at the west parking lot (near pavilion) on Boulevard Lake and head down Lakeshore Drive to the Firehall. Those choosing to go longer can header out on the old highway. Return back on the same route. Good paved shoulder but traffic can be heavy at times and the Municipality has passed a “single file” bylaw so keep tight and to the right.


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Ride #2 - Whitewater Golf Course
May. 18, 2016

Start Location: Whitewater Golf Course in Rosslyn

Start Time: 6:15 pm

Ride Sponsor: Petries Cycle and Sports

TT#5: River Rd. 10 km
May. 19, 2016

Date: April 21, May 19, June 23, July 28 &  Sept 1

Race Name: River Road                     Distance (Km): 10 km

Format:         Out and back              

Start: River Road at Stanley Bridge on Hwy 588

Finish: River Road

Parking: Parking lot beside Stanley bridge

Comments: East on River road to Barrie Drive and return


Tire Changing Clinic
May. 25, 2016

Location: Oliver Road Community Centre

Start Time:

Bring your bike and be prepared to change the tire on your bike! We will have 3 instructors to assist you.

All TBCC members welcome!!

TT#6: Hwy 130 20 km
May. 26, 2016

Date: April 28, May 26, July 21 & Sept 15

Race Name:  Hwy 130     Distance (Km): 20  km

Format:         Out and Back             

Description: Out and back on Highway 130 with turn just before Jct with Hwy 61

Start: Opposite gate to White Water golf course entrance

Finish: Same as start

Parking: South side shoulder of Gardner Road behind Variety Store.

Comments: Warm up on Gardner Road. Do not block the parking at the store.



MULTIPLE EVENTS Kakabeka Falls Destination Ride
May. 28, 2016

Date:  May 28                      Time: 10:00 am      Distance (Km): 63.4

 Ride Name:  MULTIPLE EVENTS - SEE NEXT TAB - Kakabeka Falls Destination ride: Metro Moose

Start Location: Park at Vanderwees Greenhouse parking lot on Mapleward Drive.

General Course Description:

Follow Mapleward to John St to Maki Rd. Right turn on to Oliver Road and follow through right to Kakabeka Falls. Stop for coffee and treats at the Metro Moose coffee shop.

Your host for today's ride is  Bernice Parent


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RR#2: Hwy 595 & return
May. 28, 2016

Date: May 28 @ 10:30am             Race Name: Out and back to Hwy 595

Distance (Km): 68 km loop

Format:             Standard Road Race              

Description: Follow Hwy 130, Barrie Drive, right on to River Rd, Hwy 588 right on to Hwy 595 turn and come back yet swing on to Barrie Drive off Hwy 588 and finish just before junction with Hwy 130.

Start: OppositeEntrance to White Water Golf course on Hwy 130

Finish: Barrie Drive just before Hwy 130 junction

Parking: South shoulder of Gardner Road beside Lulu’s Variety store.

Comments: Remember to turn on to Barrie Drive off Hwy 588 on return trip..





Reminder  to use our Hotline to check out any cancellations or changes

With the prediction of rain and lightning for Saturday please be sure to check the club HOTLINE before heading out Kakabeka Coffee Break Destination Ride.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


CAA BIKE ASSIST PROGRAM AVAILABLE:  CAA offers a great Bike Assist Program for cyclists who already  have CAA membership.  If you break down on your bike they can offer assistance.  Give them a call - if you don't have your membership number with you they can look it up over the phone.  Might be a good idea to input the local phone number 345-1261 or Toll Free 1-800-CAA-HELP  (1-800-222-4357 ) into your contact list.   We cannot attest to quality or response time but you may want to check it out.



Another well-attended Expo took place on Tuesday, April 12.  Club Directors appreciate the store employees, agency employees and volunteers who manned the various booths, as well as all the people who dropped by to chat about our club and get information about our upcoming season.  It was wonderful to see both past members and many new faces!   

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to register on-line for your season membership!!

Door Prize Winners:

Free TBCC Membership - Sharon Lovis                                                    TBCC Jersey - Natalie Bedard

Sunglasses provided by Harbourview Optometry - Julie McKenna     Metre Eater Jersey - Todd Little


Our Successful TBCC Women's Only Rides was highlighted at the Annual OCA Meeting!

On February 20, our Women's Ride Directors, Pam Dawes and Kate Tinkler, gave a powerpoint presentation on our Women's Only Rides program at the Ontario Cycling Association Annual Presidents Meeting.   There was a great deal of interest and the ladies fielded many questions about how to make such a program a success.   There were even questions about how to purchase a WOW jersey!  Pam and Kate appreciated the feedback they received from many of our members - it was very useful for their presentation.   We are proud to have such terrific ambassadors for both TBCC and Thunder Bay!  Thank you Pam and Kate for taking the time from your busy schedules. 



Due to the addition of a Fat Bike schedule this year we have begun registraion earlier than ever before!  In accordance with the Ontario Cycling Association recommendation, only on-line registrations will be accepted this 2016 season.  In order to register, go to our website and click on the Membership Tab at the top of the page and then click on Register with TBCC.  Registration information and instructions are provided  for Adult, Additional Adult and Youth members.   Opportunities to complete an on-line registration will be available during our Spring Expo in April.  If you experience any problems during the registration process please call our provider CCN support team at 1-866-534-2453 or email at  They are extremely helpful.  (Please remember their office is out west and there is a three hour time change.)


I) TBCC can allow OCA members, who are not a member of our club, to participate in our activities, provided it is on an occasional basis and the rider agrees to participate under the our club rules.  

A visiting OCA member from out of town may be permitted to participate in our club’s events at our discretion.   They must show proof of their membership and insurance with the OCA by showing an Affiliate Club membership card, UCI Licence or Citizen Permit. Anyone not able to show this type of proof will not be able to participate until they can provide this proof.

II) TBCC can allow a GUEST RIDER to participate in our activities, provided it is on an occasional basis and the rider agrees to participate under the our club rules.   

A guest rider is someone who lives more that 100km outside of Thunder Bay and wishes to ride in a club event.   A guest rider must provide proof of OCA insurance.  If the guest does not have OCA insurance he/she will be required to purchase the OCA insurance ($40 fee) plus submit a waiver to OCA PRIOR to participating in any TBCC event.  This must be done on-line through the OCA website. 

How to Obtain a $40 OCA membership:  Go to the OCA website;  (do NOT use the TBCC website to sign up);  click on the TAB Membership to drop down a list;  click on Types of Memberships.  At the top of this page is a box that says 2016 Licences and Memberships are Now Available.  Click on this.  Scroll down the page to the blue box that says Buy Your OCA License.  Click on this box.  Proceed to fill in information.  You will be asked to affiliate with a club even though you will NOT be paying a club fee.  We suggest you affiliate with TBCC. 















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