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Crit 2017 Global Fatbike Day was a blast! TBCC Kids' Cross Ladies 100 km challenge

July 2019
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Women's Ride #5 White Water 6:15
Jul. 3, 2019
Time Trial:Gillespie 13k
Jul. 4, 2019

July 4

 Name:Gillespie loop                              Distance (Km):  13k

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30               

Description: Out Highway 61, right onto Hwy 130, Right onto Candy Mt right on  Gillespie

Start: at gillespie rd, hwy 61 intersection.

Finish: On Gillespie Road just before Hwy 61 jct.

Parking: Neebing Road house parking lot. arrive early to ride to start area. about 15 min to Gillespie rd. 


Tour Ride #3 Valley Central School
Jul. 7, 2019

Valley Central School / South Gillies/Barrie Drive/Return

Tour of Thunder Bay, HC
Jul. 11, 2019

Race Name: Mapleward Uphill,  7 km HC. road or TT bike, your choice

Time: Registration 6:00-6:15   Race : 6:30 pm   cost $20 for all 4 tour events, $10 for each event. 

Format: One way TT: generally uphill                                 

DescriptionStart at Junction of Kivikoski Rd and Mapleward. Neutral ride from Lepannen’s store to start line. Course is mostly uphill and may be better suited to a standard bike vs a TT bike.

Parking: Park to the east side of Lepannen’s store..



Tour of Thunder Bay, TT
Jul. 12, 2019

Date: July 12                    

Tour Of Thunder Bay, Lakeshore Drive 5 km one-way, 5 km

$20 for all 4 tour events, $10 for each event. 

Time: Registration 6:00-6:15       Race : 6:30 pm

Format:         One-way                     

Description: Straight out Lakeshore one way

Start: WildGoose Beach Rd entry parking lot

Finish: 5 km down Lakeshore

Parking: WildGoose Beach Park



Tour of Thunder Bay, Road Race
Jul. 13, 2019

Jul 13

Race @10:30 am   Register @ 10:00am  

$20 for all tour events, $10 for each event.     

Distance (Km): Cat 1&2 70k; Cat 3&4 50K

Format:         Standard Road Race                     

Description: Neutral ride to Hwy 608 and top of moose hill. 

Start: Slate River Dairy on hwy 608


Parking:  Slate River Dairy on hwy 608. 

Comments:  neutral zone to HW 608 to top of moose hill.see maps for directions

Map Cat 1 & 2:

Map Cat 3 & 4:

Crit#2, Tour of Thunder Bay.
Jul. 14, 2019

register @10:00, race @10:30  all at the beautiful thunder Bay Landfill parking entry scales area. ha don't laugh, it is actually quite nice, and the city does most excellent job cleaning it up for us and sweeping.          

Distance (Km): Based on time

Format: Criterium Format on closed race course                    

Parking: Parking by administrative offices in front of weight scales

Comments: Various formats based on total racing time and categories racing.


Women's Ride #6 Stanley 6:15
Jul. 17, 2019
Time Trial : Hwy 130 20k
Jul. 18, 2019

 July 18

Race Name:  Hwy 130     Distance (Km): 20  km

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30             

Description: Out and back on Highway 130 with turn just before Jct with Hwy 61

Start: Opposite gate to White Water golf course entrance

Finish: Same as start

Parking: WhiteWater Golf Club Club House Parking Lot

Comments: bring some street clothes and lets have drink at whitewater club house, post ride.  


Tour Ride #4 North McIntyre Rec Centre
Jul. 21, 2019

North McIntyre Rec Centre/ Dawson Rd/Mud Lake Rd/ John St Rd/ Mapleward Rd/Return

TBCC Long Road Race
Jul. 27, 2019



Cat 1/2 neutal to devon road, then race on. 

Cat 3/4 neutral to top of moose hill. then race on. 

ensure you know the route. it is rather simple, see link below. , we will be looking for support at this race so ask your friends to come on out, need water and bike support for a good event. we will have more water and coke as we ran out last year. 

note if you want to race down and only ride the 58k. we understand, that is still a tough ride. 

Devon road is pretty cool with a nice section along a fast running river. you do need to climb mile hill and no shortcuts here. challenge yourself and come out. 

 MAP Cat 1 & 2:

MAP Cat 3 & 4:



Women's Ride #7 White Water 6:15
Jul. 31, 2019


For a limited time you can order TBAYCC Clothing from our Garneau Team Store!
This is open to all members!

How it works...
1) Pick your products
2) Pay by credit card
3) The items will be shipped as one bulk order to the club and then distributed as it saves everyone some shipping money.
4) There may be a few dollars added to everyone’s order that will be due in cash when the item(s) is picked up. This is to cover the cost of shipping to return the fit sample kits to Garneau. I will provide further details when I have them.
If you are unsure of your size...

Find what size fits you best so you can order our clothing with confidence! I am floored by the extensive sample kit Garneau sent us-so many sizes to choose from in the different styles!

-Tuesday, May 14th 5:00-7:00 pm at Fresh Air

-Wednesday May 15th 4:00-6:00 pm at Rollin Thunder. *Ladies come try on the kits and then join the Time Trial Clinic over at the auditorium at 6:15 pm *

-Sunday May 19th 2:00-4:00 pm at Petries Cycle & Sports

Key points about the store...
1) If the store is showing up in French and you want English( or vice versa) there is a drop down menu on the upper left corner on the mobile version. Languages are in top right corner for the full website.
2) The socks will not look has shown.So if you want socks order them and have some faith that they will look good!
3) The colour online looks yellow but in real-life it will be high visibility/fluro yellow
4) The main difference between the two jerseys and bib shorts is the more expensive is a race fit
5)There are mens and womens specific fits in both styles of the jerseys and bibs. "W'S" stands for womens.
Big thanks goes out to Keith Ailey for the awesome design!
-Email Kayla at

2019 Club Registration is now open!  To join the club, pull down the Membership tab and follow the links to the CCN web page.

  • Membership is the same price as last year :)  
  • On-line registration - pull down the membership tab and go to "Register with TBCC" - follow the links to the CCN registration site.

Your executive is busy planning events for 2019 and once the schedule is finalized the events will be posted on the calendar.  Our Fat Bike schedule is already on the February and March calendars!

If you experience any problems during the registration process please call our provider CCN support team at 1-866-534-2453 or email at  They are extremely helpful.  (Please note that their office is out west and there is a 3 hour time difference.)  


Your 2019 Season Executive - Congratulations to these volunteers!

President:   Josh Gillingham         

Past President:  VACANT

Treasurer:  Thomas Quinn              

Secretary: Byron Ball

Cyclocross:  Chris Mitchell

Touring:  Dave Krasnichuk

Women's Only Rides:  Shelley Tees

Fat Bike Rides:  Fred Bauer

Promotions:  Stephane Audet

Racing: Darrell Hay

At Large: Keith Ailey

At Large: Kayla Kjellman


Racing schedule changes usually done on website, but see Facebook group, "Thunder Bay Cycling Club" for any last minute changes due to weather, roads, etc.. 



I) TBCC can allow OCA members, who are not a member of our club, to participate in our activities, provided it is on an occasional basis and the rider agrees to participate under the our club rules.  

A visiting OCA member from out of town may be permitted to participate in our club’s events at our discretion.   They must show proof of their membership and insurance with the OCA by showing an Affiliate Club membership card, UCI Licence. Anyone not able to show this type of proof will not be able to participate until they can provide this proof. 


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