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Lutsen 19/39/69/99ers

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Jul. 14, 2017

The Lutsen 99er mountain bike races have become Minnesota's premier endurance racing event, now attracting approximately two thousand racers from across North America to compete in distances ranging from 31 to 160km.  In the 2017 edition, held last weekend, 52 riders from Thunder Bay participated! 

In the 99 mile (160km) distance, Chris Mitchel finished 7th and won his age group while Steve Chapman was 12th. 

In the 69er (110km), Keith Ailey was 3rd overall while winning the 40+ age group.  Marilyn Ailey was the 4th fastest female.

In the 39er (63km), John Balabuk was 8th, Doug Thiessen was 13th, and Kerrie Berg was the 3rd fastest female.

In the 19er (31km), Ewan Stewart was 12th and Sarah Hay was 4th in the women's division.

Based on the popularity of this event, perhaps the TBCC should look at adding a long-distance gravel race suitable for mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes...what do you think?


Full results for Thunder Bay riders:

99er (160km):

7. Christopher Mitchell

12. Steve Chapman

67. Matt Agar 

83. Stephane Audet 

99. Steve Cameron 

138. Dave Pinner 

256. John Rescigno 

287. Regan Bolduc 

373. James Shippam 

391. Alex Vistorino

69er (110km):

3. Keith Ailey

34. Marilyn Ailey (4th female)

42. Darrell Hay

44. Adam Exley

116. Fred Bauer

152. John Janiec

178. Doug Zucchiatti

181. Kevin Guay

186. Daniel Griffin

202. George Belda

39er (63km):

8. John Balabuk

13. Doug Thiessen

30. Dave Krasnichuk

48. Kerrie Berg (3rd female)

148. Jeremy McBride 

161. Clint Neubauer

172. Marianne Stewart (20th female)

199. Harley Hakanen

237. Anthony Hockenhull

257. Gord Ryan

274. Claudio Tesolin

300. Jesse Warren

314. David Vester

331. Graham Exley

401. Barry Chezick

416. Shawne Neubauer

422. Roger Gagne

424. Troy Gagne

425. Patrick O'Connor

471. Val Davies (91st female)

486. Nancy Dow (97th female)

504. Juanita Dempsey (104th female)

528. Paul Hessey

542. Carol Vester (117th female)

553. Gary Nicholls

563. Cathy Michaliuk (120th female)

19er (31km):

12. Ewan Stewart

20. Sarah Hay (4th female)

36. Doug Bolt

68. Angie Bolt (18th female)

90. Jolene Makkinga (27th female)

114. Susan Hay (43rd female)

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