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AGM Minutes (2016)



Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00pm  at Superior Collegiate & Vocational Institute library

Attendance:  Pam Dawes, Steve Kissin, Margaret Kissin, Karen Davies, Dave Anderson, Lorne Morrow, Lis Salmon, Thomas Quinn, Chris Mitchell, Maureen Page, Keith Ailey, Dave MacIsaac, Linda Browning Morrow

1.    Agenda – a.   Additions to Agenda - CycleON

                      b.   Adoption of Agenda-  MOTION 1 PASSED

2.   Adoption of Minutes of the last AGM – not done since attendees did not have minutes

3.  Director Year End Reports:  ALL REPORTS CAN BE FOUND ON WEBSITE UNDER PROGRAMS TAB (except for Promotions since there was no report).                                                   

Cyclocross – After the cyclocross report there was discussion on wear and tear on personal lawn mowers used for course prep and whether we need an allowance for gas etc.   Course prep should be included in the cyclocross budget.                                                                             

 4.   Presentation of Financial Report and Motion to Accept – MOTION 3 PASSED

5.    Motion to Change By-Law 2- Description of Executive: MOTION 4 PASSED

6.    Executive Elections  (11 Director positions)

         * President:  VACANT

          *Secretary:  VACANT

          *Treasurer:  Thomas Quinn

          *Women’s Only Ride:  Kate Tinkler

          *Touring:  Dave Anderson

          *Cyclocross:  Keith Ailey

          *Racing:  VACANT

          *Promotions:  VACANT

          *Coaching:  Chris Mitchell

          *Fat Bike:  Fred Bauer

          *Past President:  Linda Browning Morrow

THANK YOU to those Directors who are stepping away from their positions:  Dave MacIsaac (Racing), Darrell Hay (Promotions), Alison Thompson (sec) and Matt LaPointe (Fat Bike).  We appreciate their work and contributions throughout the season!

7.   New Business

      a. Establish short term goals, redefine any long term goals  

      1.  Development of Fat Bike Program:  Recommend that IF there is a Director available then continue to develop this program but as stand alone and/or racing events not as a touring program.  i.e. Fat Bike ride after the Loppet, tryout day on Global Fat Bike Day (consider making this a free-tryout event and partner with the bike shops) a clinic, 3-4 races.  Try to use unique locations (destination events).  Black Sheep is not interested in working with our program though they are trying to work with city to create a trail.

         2. Others:  Youth Program discussion but no plan (little or no cycling at high schools)

 b.      Racing Fees:  Discussion on whether to charge a fee or not next year. Fee cannot be more that $10 (OCA rule).  What to do with the money:  put it back into racing program (i.e. award prizes/awards, cover costs of St.John’s), use for Youth Development program, subsidize club sweatshirts)      MOTION 5 PASSED. 

c. Establish any working committees required - NONE

d.  Suggestions for Improving Club – NONE     Comment made that Youth Program in Cyclocross and Criteriums are safest programs since off road.

 8.   Additions to the Agenda:

a. CycleON- Ontario's Cycling Strategy looks ahead 20 years and outlines what needs to be done to promote cycling across the province as a viable mode of transportation.  Linda will attend workshop on Nov. 7.

9.  Adjournment:  8:34        MOTION 6 PASSED  

    Put Director Reports on the website in order to be available for future directors. 

All Motions are listed below.


1.   Acceptance of Agenda

 MOTION 01:  To accept the agenda for the 2016  Annual General Meeting.

 Moved:     Thomas Quinn        Seconded: Lorne Morrow      Result:  PASSED

2.  Acceptance of Annual General Meeting Minutes Oct 20, 2015

 MOTION 02:  To accept the Minutes from the last Annual General Meeting Oct 20, 2015

Result:  NOT DONE

3.  Acceptance of the 2016 Financials of TBCC

 MOTION 03:  To accept the financial statement prepared by the Treasurer

 Moved:     Keith Ailey       Seconded:  Pam Dawes           Result:  PASSED

4.  Change to By-Law 2 – Club Executive

 MOTION 04:  To change By-law 2 to the following:

The executive shall consist of no more than 11 positions.   The specific Directorships need to be flexible in order to meet the needs of the club and the interest/skills of individual Directors.  Positions that are not filled can be replaced with a Director-at-Large or left unfilled.

    a.    Three positions are essential and should be filled if possible 

                     1.     President           2.     Secretary                   3.     Treasurer

     b.    It is highly recommended to have a Past President position if the person in willing to stand.  This will help with continuity.

     c.    The balance of the 11 positions should be filled in a manner that represents the programs established during each season.  These positions could include:

- Coaching Director

- Cyclocross Director

- Fat Bike Director

- Road Racing Director

- Touring Director

- Women’s Ride Director

- Promotions/Marketing Director

- Directors- at –Large 

Moved:     Thomas Quinn       Seconded:  Keith Ailey                            Result:  PASSED

5.    Charge a Racing Fee

MOTION 05:  That in the 2017 season we charge a fee for the Triple Crown and 4-5 select races as to be determined by the Race DirectorThe suggestion is not to use CCN to collect the fees but to use Pay-as-you-go to collect the fees.

Moved:     Lorne Morrow        Seconded:    Chris Mitchell                     Result: PASSED

 6.  To adjourn  

Motion 06: To adjourn the meeting

Moved:     Karen Davies          Seconded:    Steve Kissin               Result: PASSED






NOTE:   Currently By-Law 2 reads as:


  1. The executive shall consist of  no more than the following 11 positions:

                -               President

                -               Secretary

                -               Treasurer

                -               Group Ride Director

                -               Cyclocross Director

                -               Road Racing Director

                -               Women’s Ride Director

                -               Coaching Director

                -               Promotions Director

                -               Webmaster

                -               Director at Large 








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