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Club Bylaws 

The constitution is the foundation document for the Thunder Bay Cycling Club.  Our bylaws contain the operating policies and procedures for the club and should be reviewed annually.


BYLAW 1 - VISUAL IDENTITY - The bylaws will also set out how the club will market itself, including conditions and restrictions on using the club’s visual identity by members and non-members.

1.1  Club Colors -  yellow and blue

1.2  Club Logo – blue printing and yellow bike gear

1.3  Letterhead – Name of club with gear and date of establishment

1.4  Apparel – yellow and blue club jerseys and jackets, black and red racing kit, WOW jerseys

1.5   Website Design- Review website every two years

1.6   Marketing – Website and Facebook page useful in marketing.  Promotion Director assists in marketing.  Members and outside groups require club executive permission to use club logo. 



A.  The executive shall consist of no more than 11 positions.

The specific Directorships need to be flexible in order to meet the needs of the club and the interest/skills of individual Directors. 

Positions that are not filled can be replaced with a Director-at-Large or left unfilled.

a) Three positions are essential and should be filled if possible:

                                    i.    President

                                   ii.    Secretary

                                  iii.    Treasurer

b) It is highly recommended to have a Past President position if the person in willing to stand.  This will help with continuity.

c) The balance of the 11 positions should be filled in a manner that represents the programs established during each season.  These positions could include:

- Coaching Director

- Cyclocross Director

- Fat Bike Director

- Road Racing Director

- Touring Director

- Women’s Ride Director

- Promotions/Marketing Director

- Directors- at –Large

 B. Executive Commitment to Members:  Directors must:

a)     maintain liability insurance for all Club activities

b)     set out Bylaws and policies to address safety and misconduct by members

c)     investigate and apply a disciplinary procedure where there are alleged violations of Club rules and procedures (ie. safety issues or misconduct)

d)     assign a person to serve as Club Activity Leader for each activity (ie. Banquet Chair).

 C.  Executive Job Descriptions

All members of the executive will promote safe cycling and compliance with insurance requirements for TBCC activities and events, by communicating rider responsibilities at each event with assurance that only identified riders with submitted and signed waivers participate in TBCC events. 

The following is a list of recommended Director duties for those specific positions filled each season. 

President Duties

a)     call all meetings

b)     chair all meetings

c)     achieve the short term goals of the club using directors and volunteer committees

d)     enforce the constitution

e)     provide agenda for all meetings

 Assumed Privileges:

a)        invite general members to executive meetings

b)        dismiss members of the executive

c)         sanction the actions of any committee

d)        decide motions in case of voting ties

Past President Duties

a)     Assist the President and the Executive as required on matters relating to club business.

b)     Fulfill all assigned duties.

Secretary Duties

a)     Provide notices of general and annual meetings as required.

b)     Keep permanent club records of meetings, motions, etc. 

c)     Record minutes of all executive meetings and provide typewritten minutes to the executive within five (5) days of an executive meeting.

d)     Record minutes of all general and annual general meeting and provide minutes to membership within thirty (30) days of such meetings.

e)     Ensure constitutional procedures are being carried out in conjunction with the executive. Advise executive as required of Constitutional Procedures and requirements.

f)      Ensure insurance requirements are communicated toe the executive and membership.

g)     Maintain copies of constitution for easy reference at all times, record bylaws and attach to

constitution as required.

h)     Complete documents on behalf of the club as required.

i)      Review documentation to be signed by club executive and execute documents as required.

j)      Perform other duties as assigned by President and executive.

Treasurer Duties:

a)     record the financial dealings of the club

b)     prepare an annual statement for the club’s annual general meeting

c)     prepare a monthly statement for all conducted executive meetings or upon request.

Touring Director Duties:

a)     Represent the members of the club who are active in cycle touring.

b)     Set a touring schedule for the year and provide the schedule for the club brochure and update the hotline and website as required.

c)     Ensure each riding venue is safe.

d)     Ensure there is a tour leader for each event and have the leader complete the tour attendance sheet for each event.

e)     Update the hotline and website as may be required.

Cyclocross Director Duties:

a)     Coordinate cyclocross events, races, clinics, etc.  Set a cyclocross schedule for the year, place the schedule on the club brochure and update the hotline and website as may be required.

b)     Ensure that cyclocross events occur without conflicting with other cycling events.

c)     Ensure each riding venue is safe.

d)     Ensure there is a tour leader for each event and have the leader complete the tour attendance sheet for each event.

Road Racing Director Duties:

a)     Coordinate road racing events, races, clinics. Set a time trial/road racing schedule for the year and provide the schedule for the club brochure and update the hotline and website as required.

b)     Provide a liaison with various committees established to represent the various forms of cycling in the club.

c)     Coordinate volunteer schedules for road races.

d)     Ensure each racing venue is safe.

e)     Keep track of the capital expenses incurred by the road racing committee.

Women’s Ride Director Duties:

a)     Represent the female club members and encourage new members by providing events for female members (i.e. Women’s Only Rides, Cycling clinics, Time trials)

b)     Set a schedule of events for the year, circulate and update the information via club website, hotline, brochure and other means as necessary.

c)     Ensure each event is organized and conducted in a safe manner for both members

participating and the public (specifically drivers, pedestrians).

d)     Ensure there is a leader for each event who must explain the event, the safety aspects and have participants complete the event attendance sheet.

Coaching Director Duties:  

a)     Develop programs to enhance and promote cycling and racing skills for club members.


Promotion Director Duties:

a)     Develop a strong working relationship with the local media in order to:

                               i)              promote cycling in general

                               ii)             promote club events

                               iii)            provide coverage of club events

b)     Maintain a high level of communication between the executive and the membership since this is imperative to “stay in tune” with the above objectives.

c)     Develop a workable fundraising plan as a result of the financial/capital requirements as determined by the executive.  Follow with implementation of the approved plan(s).

d)     Solicit sponsorship as required of club events for prize money, products and/or services, trophies, etc.

Fat Bike Director Duties:

a)     Represent the members of the club who are active in Fat Biking.

b)     Set a schedule of events for the season and provide the schedule for the club brochure and update the hotline and website as required.  Coordinate events, races, clinics etc.

c)     Ensure each riding venue is safe (location and weather).

d)     Ensure there is a leader for each event and have the leader complete the tour attendance sheet for each event.  Coordinate volunteers as needed.

e)     Keep track of the capital expenses incurred by the road racing committee.

Director at Large Duties

a) Assist the President and the Executive as required on matters relating to club business.


Common Duties for Touring Director, Women’s Only Ride Director, Cyclocross Director, Road Racing Director, Coaching Director, Fat Bike Director:

a)     Promote cycling as a safe, healthy, enjoyable activity by educating members via pre-event briefings, clinics and articles on the website.

b)     Provide current information and maps/directions on events through appropriate methods such as Facebook, website, hotline.

c)     Provide pre-activity announcements on safety and updates on road hazards if applicable.

d)     Ensure all riders are Club members for insurance purposes and participating riders sign the attendance sheet for the event.

e)     Ensure that any safety incidents and or accidents are reported as required by the Ontario Cycling Association and the insurance policy and investigated as required.

f)      Report all accidents immediately to the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA), the Executive and other authorities as appropriate to the situation.  The OCA Accident Report is the minimum level of documentation.

g)     Liaise with others involved in the various forms of cycling.

h)     Ensure volunteers are recruited, trained and schedule for each event.

i)      Maintain equipment owned by the club (i.e. safety signs, timers, vests)

j)      Set out and record the point system for awarding participation and/or placement in events such as touring, women’s only rides, road races, criteriums, cyclocross, Roubaix

k)     Prepare an annual budget and make expenditures as set out in the approved budget and submit receipts promptly to the Treasurer.

l)      Perform other duties as assigned by the President and executive as required.

m)   Promote all club activities.

D.  Executive Meetings

Each meeting will follow an agenda which should include the following topics:

  • Call to order
  • Agenda Revisions and Approval
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes
  • Business Arising from last meeting
  • Order of Business –     * President’s Report and Treasures Report updated to the end of the month previous to the general meeting
    • Correspondence
    • Committee Reports
    • New Business
    • Scheduling of Next Meeting
    • Adjournment



a)     A non-club cyclist who attends club events must possess a club licence, a UCI licence, or be licensed from a club that is 100km outside of Thunder Bay.

b)     Specific TRYOUT events are listed in our club calendar.  Individuals can only tryout on the specified dates.  They are not required to pay club fees but they MUST sign our club waiver.  Free try-outs are open to individuals who have never been a club member.   NOTE:  These dates have been verified with OCA and therefore tryouts can only occur on those dates. 


BYLAW 4 - COMPENDIUM of CLUB RULES and PROCEDURES  (see website under About TBCC)

  • As stated in the Constitution the Executive has set in a bylaw, a comprehensive outline of rules and procedures which govern the conduct of all members and for all club activities.  It includes information on  members, guest riders and visiting riders.  This bylaw is to be reviewed annually and kept current throughout the year. 
  • All members must read and acknowledge (sign) that they have read and agree to comply with the Club rules as set out in the document titled TBCC Compendium of Safe Cycling Responsibilities, Rules, and   Requirements for All Members (revised February 2014)


BYLAW 5 - DISCIPLINARY POLICY   (approved May 2011)

The minimum punishment for an infraction that jeopardizes the safety of an individual member, the marshals, other participants, or the general public was adopted.

  • a written warning and a disqualification from the event for the first offense, 
  • a suspension from the club for the balance of the year and removal of the involved member's race results, for a second offense , and
  • a review of the incident by the executive to consider a permanent revocation of membership on a third offense.
  • suspension of membership will not result in a reimbursement of any fees


The Executive is to ensure volunteers are provided  a)  an orientation to their duties and responsibilities b) safe working conditions with respectful treatment from TBCC members c) recognition for their contributions.



  • Athletes involved with club programs will be selected to join teams for competitions based upon standards established by the club executive. 
  • Selection criterion will be established and fulfilled for each team selection for a time period before the team is assembled, as agreed upon by the executive.



              Members representing the club at out of town events will adhere to the following rules:

                        1.     Members will be presentable in team uniforms or suitable clothing at all events.

                        2.     Members will behave responsibly in public.

                        3.     Coarse or disrespectful language is not allowed.

                        4.     Members under the legal age will not use alcohol.

                        5.     Members will not use illegal drugs or tobacco products.

                         6.    Members will sign a contract with the club acknowledging their adherence to the permanent club bylaws while engaged in club activities.  A clause in the contract will consent to the dismissal of any member for violating any of aforementioned bylaws, at the team coach’s discretion.  A separate clause will require the dismissed member to pay his or her cost of return transportation from the point of dismissal.




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