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Coaching Sessions Information

Tuesday Night Coaching Sessions

Welcome to the 2016 season for Thunder Bay Cycling Club. For those of you who are new to cycling or new to TBCC we welcome you and look forward to sharing some riding with you this coming season.

Thunder Bay Cycling Club has seen tremendous growth over the past five years. We have many new riders who are looking for opportunities to develop and enhance their riding skills.  Therefore this year we are offering six Coaching Sessions on a variety of topics.  

All sessions will start at 6:30pm and end at approximately 8:30pm.

First some prerequisites:

  • As per OCA rules all participants must be a TBCC club member or a declared guest of an OCA/UCI affiliated club.

  • You need a road bike in good working order.

  • Be self-sufficient. Do not rely on others for flat repairs, water, food etc. Bring a charged cell phone, ID, emergency information and the proper clothing for the day.

  • You need to be familiar with and willing to abide by our ride guidelines, be courteous and respectful of other cyclists and road users.

  • Remember to Check the Hotline and the website for any posssible changes.


Date 2016 and Start Location                                Topic


at Calico Coffee House, 316 Bay St

 Introduction to basic training to help you ride faster and longer.   INDOOR session (no bikes required).



at LU Field house (park at back by volleyball courts)

  Basic Bike Handling - Clipping in, riding one handed or no hands, eating and drinking while riding, looking around and backwards, avoiding obstacles, braking & shifting correctly and efficiently



at Whitewater Golf Course

  Pack and Group Riding:  holding a steady speed, pace lines (single and rotating), pluggin gaps and echelons


JULY  26

at  Whitewater Golf Course

  Introduction to racing and tactics:  determining your category, breaking away, chasing a break, bridging, team tactics, sprinting


at Neebing Roadhouse

  Introduction to Time Trialing:  Getting more aerodynamic, pacing, the "turn-around"


 at Canada Games Complex

 Introduction to Cyclocross:  What is CX?, cornering, dismount, remount & carrying thebike

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