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17 Time Trial Courses:

Note the dates that each course will be used.

River Road (10 km):

One of the perennial favourite courses. Winds along the river. Slightly uphill going out and slightly down coming back.


Highway 130 (20 km)

Start at Whitewater GC entrance and takes Hwy 130 south down to the grass airstrip just before it meets Hwy 61. Good course but can get windy. Pavement has a few cracks and traffic can be busy some nights. Be careful at the turnpoint.



Hwy 61 to Gillespie (~13 km)  

New course in 2014. You will probably get your fastest time here since there is more downhill than uphill. Road surface is rough on Candy Mt. Road. Neutral ride out from the Neebing hotel.

Oliver Road (Murillo 15km)

Starts on the outskirts of Murillo and heads west to just after the downhill and the bend where the road heads south. The road can get quite busy so be very careful at the turnaround point.


Hill Climb (Moose Hill  3.4 km)

The consumate hill climb. Although short at a just over 3 km you will red line your heart rate on this one. Enjoy the ride back down to the start line. Course was resurfaced last year. We will need to inspect in the spring to see if it is suitable.



Mapleward Road (5.7 km) 

New course in 2014. You can park at the parking lot by Leppanen's store. Neutral ride to the start about 2 km from Dawson  at the base of the hill. Most of the climbing is in the first 5 km.

Lakeshore Drive (32 km)

Traditional long course on Lakeshore Drive. We park at the Bare Point Road and head out and back to the Firehall at the end of Lakeshore. Great paved shoulder but some of the motorists can be troublesome.


Lakeshore Drive (5 km)

Prologue for the Tour of Thunder Bay. One-way and very fast, the start is at the usual location, just east of Bare Point Rd


MacIsaac's McCluskey Hill Climb (~3 km)

Get your little gear ready! This one is all uphill and steep gradients


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