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TBCC Cyclocross

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclo-Cross races typically take place in the autumn and winter (our season is September–November) and consists of many laps of a short (2.5–3.5 km) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount.

Race format:

Races will be run with a set number of laps for each category. The number of laps will vary depending on the course length, difficulty and weather considerations. Unless there is exceptional participation, races will be mass start and run concurrently (all categories start at the same time).

below is the aim for total race time based on category:

Cat 1: 40-50 minutes

Cat 2: 30-40 minutes

Cat 3: 25-35 minutes

Riders being lapped will not be pulled and will be required to complete all laps in order to be considered a finisher (not DNF). Courtesy is expected from both the rider lapping and the rider being lapped. 

Race categories:

Adult racers will register in one of three categories

Cat 1: Elite level racers, very comfortable with cyclocross specific skills, overall bike handling and and with a higher level of fitness. Must race on a drop-bar cyclocross bike to be counted in overall standings. There is no restriction on tire width.

Cat 2: Competent and/or experienced racers, able to navigate cyclocross obstacles with good bike handling and a good level of fitness. Can be raced on a cylocross or mountain bike 

Cat 3: Beginner level, comfortable enough to get around the course. Often raced on a mountain bike but can use a cyclocross bike

Season Overall Points:

Races will be scored according to the table below























11th +


Points for individual races will be awarded based on a rider’s place within their category for that race (Cat 1, Cat 2 or Cat 3) and their gender (Male or Female)Competitors must complete 4 races in order to be scored for year-end results. The points will be calculated by adding together the competitor's 6 highest scoring races. Competitors wishing to switch categories are able to do so however they forfeit their points in the category from whihc they have moved.

Conflict Resolution Plan

If a conflict arises the following procedure will be executed:

  1. All concerns over race results must be addressed directly to the cyclocross director. (Chris Mitchell) All grievences must be emailed to the Director within 24 hours after an event. After 24 hours, issues involving race results will only be investigated as resources permit. The Director will be responsible for following up with all parties involved in the incident. A resolution shall be with other members of the cyclocross committee after of which the result will be communicated to all involved parties.
  2. All concerns where the issue is over racer conduct, or any other incident, the cyclocross director will communicate with the rest of the board to resolve the issue.
  3. Issues involving the cyclocross director while racing should be brought to the president of the club in order to avoid a conflict of interest

Due to the nature of our cyclocross courses there is opportunity for racers to end up outside the course. Racers are expected to re-enter the course at the point which they exited in an honest manner. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

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