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July 2018
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Women's Ride Whitewater 6:15pm
Jul. 4, 2018
Time Trial:Gillespie 13k
Jul. 5, 2018

Race Name:Gillespie loop                              Distance (Km):  13k

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30               

Description: Out Highway 61, right onto Hwy 130, Right onto Candy Mt right on  Gillespie

Start: at gillespie rd, hwy 61 intersection.

Finish: On Gillespie Road just before Hwy 61 jct.

Parking: Neebing Road house parking lot. arrive early to ride to start area. about 15 min to Gillespie rd. 


Women's Ride Stanley 6:15pm
Jul. 18, 2018
Time Trial: Mapleward Uphill 8k approx
Jul. 19, 2018

Race Name: Mapleward Uphill                   

Sign-up 6:00-6:20,  Start 6:30. Tour Of Thunder Bay HC 2018

Format: One way TT: generally uphill                                 

Description: .Course is mostly uphill and may be better suited to a standard bike vs a TT bike.

Parking: confectionary store at mapleward and hwy 102. be sure to pick up refreshment for allowing us the use of parking lot.

Comments:  start is down mapleward a bit to ensure we are outside city limits.  




Time Trial Tour of Thunder Bay Lakeshore Dr 5K
Jul. 20, 2018

 Lakeshore Drive 5K one way for tour of Thunder Bay 2018

Sign-Up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30

Parking: Bare point road.

Format: one way, ride on right single file when returning to start



Road Race Tour of Thunder Bay
Jul. 21, 2018

Race @10:30 am   Register @ 10:00am          Race Name:  Tour of Thunder Bay         

Distance (Km): Cat 1&2 69k; Cat 3 50k; Cat 4 25k

Format:         Standard Road Race                     

Description: Neutral ride to Hwy 608 and top of moose hill. Includes Hwy 597/595 and return on 588, Barrie Drive.

Start: Valley Central Public School Just east of Hwy 130

Finish:. 400 meters from junction of Barrie Rd and Hwy 130.

Parking: Valley Central Public School on Candy Mt. Road

Comments: For Category 1, 2, 3 and woman, there is a ~8 km neutral zone to HW 608. Racing may commence once all riders are on HW 608. Final placing on the stage earns points toward overall results.

Map Cat 1 & 2:  

Map Cat 3 & 4:  

Crit#2:, Tour of Thunder Bay.
Jul. 22, 2018

register @10:00, race @10:30  all at the beautiful thunder Bay Landfill parking entry scales area. ha don't laugh, it is actually quite nice, and the city does most excellent job cleaning it up for us and sweeping.          

Distance (Km): Based on time

Format: Criterium Format on closed race course                    

Parking: Parking by administrative offices in front of weight scales

Comments: Various formats based on total racing time and categories racing.


Time Trial : Hwy 130 20k
Jul. 26, 2018


Race Name:  Hwy 130     Distance (Km): 20  km

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30             

Description: Out and back on Highway 130 with turn just before Jct with Hwy 61

Start: Opposite gate to White Water golf course entrance

Finish: Same as start

Parking: South side shoulder of Gardner Road behind Variety Store.

Comments: Warm up on Gardner Road. Do not block the parking at the store.


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