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June 2019
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Crit#1. Mapleward Landfill Site 10:00am
Jun. 2, 2019

Come on out to landfill paved loop, approx 950m of smooth pavement with nice sweeping turns. 

Sweep and set up starts at 9:30. bring a broom and help set up. 

sign up, pre ride warm up 9:45-10:15 approx. with maurenn at site no fees, refreshments to follow.

Cat 3-4, & ladies start at 10:15 (25min +5 loops to finish, maureen to determine on size and calibre). if alot of cat 3-4 we may split but that is go time decision so prepare to race at 10:15.

Cat 2, start at approx 11:00, (35 min +5 loops)  be ready to go at 11:00. 

Cat 1, start  at approx 11:45 (40min + 5 loops) be ready to start at 11:45. 

parking in front of admin building or gravel road just south of main entry, do not block the main gate entry or park on maple ward. 

show up early and help set up and race (ie cat 3-4) show up late and help take down, clean up (ie cat 1-2) :)

it is great place to practice your turns/speed/bike handling in stress free clean area. 

note : we have never had issue with dump smell's (wind i guess) see you there.

Tour Ride#1 Lakeshore Drive
Jun. 2, 2019

Boulevard Lake/Lakeshore Drive/ Mackenzie Station Rd/Lambert Island Bridge. Short ride 40 km to fire hall on Lakeshore Drive. Meet at Boulevard Lake parking lot by the Mini Golf. Roll out at 10:00 am. 

Women's Ride #3 Lakeview Lodge 6:15
Jun. 5, 2019
Time Trial: Lakeshore Drive 18k
Jun. 6, 2019

Jun 6                

Race Name:  Lakeshore Drive WildGoose            Distance (Km): 18K

Sign-up 6:00-6:15      Start : 6:30 pm

Format:  Out and back          

Start: WildGoose Beach Park Rd entry

Finish:WildGoose Beach Park Rd entry

Parking: Rolling flat course with good paved shoulder.



Tire Changing Clinic Oliver Rd. Rec Center 6 pm
Jun. 10, 2019

Open to all, bring your bike and tools to practice 6-7:30 pm

Hymer's Classic RR
Jun. 15, 2019

Jun 15

Cat 1/2 69k, Cat3/4 38k.

 Hymer's Classic RR Registration 10:00am, Race start 10:30,

 Start: at norwest arena next to hwy588 

Finish: up hill to arena on 588

parking: norwest arena parking lot

map cat 1 & 2 :

 map cat 3 & 4:

Tour Ride #2 Norwest Arena
Jun. 16, 2019

Norwest Arena/Hymers/Kakabeka/Return

Women's Ride #4 Neebing 6:15
Jun. 19, 2019
Time Trial: River Road 10k
Jun. 20, 2019

Jun 20

Distance (Km): 10 km

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30             

Start: River Road at Stanley Bridge on Hwy 588

Finish: River Road

Parking: Parking lot beside Stanley bridge

Comments: East on River road to Barrie Drive and return


Time Trial: Sched change. hwy 130 15 km
Jun. 27, 2019

June 27.  now on hwy 130 15k out and back

hwy 15 km          

Sign-up 6:00-6:20, Start 6:30              

Description: new route on familiar road due to construction on oliver rd. 

Start: opposite whitwater golf course. same as 20k start.

Parking: white water golf course parking lot. 


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