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General Information & Volunteer


Time trials are held most Thursday evenings, beginning at 6:30 p.m. from April through September, unless the weather isn’t suitable. On days of questionable weather, check our FACEBOOK site, website or phone the hotline for more info.

Time Trial Volunteer sign up sheet : Click here 

How to Start Time Trialing

TT'ing is an easy way to get into racing. No bunch to keep up with, and no danger of being dropped! The beauty of time trialling is that the rider sets their own standard and then measures their effort over the course on the given day.

To get started, you don't need a fancy bike - just turn up on your normal road bike to one of our regular Thursday evening club events during the summer where you can enter.. You'll be given a number, told your start time and then all you have to do is ride round the course in the shortest time you can!

Yes there will be people dressed up with their aero bikes, helmets and equipment but remember each person is competing against their own standards and expectations.

Sign Up:

Sign-up for the TT's must be before 6:25 pm for the shorter events (5, 10, 15, 20km) and before 6:15 pm for the 40km events. Road marshals should also be there by 6:15pm. This will ensure that the events start on time. All riders must attend at least one of the  “Safety briefings” and sign the briefing waiver (Participant Sign-off Form) to acknowledge that they understand the rules and are prepared to adhere to the rules. Each rider will confirm that they understand the “Safety Talk” prior to starting.  These safety briefing will be given to all new participants prior to every race.

Categories, Points and Awards

Male and Female

  • Pre-Junior (under 16)

  • Junior (16 -18)

  • Senior (19 -34)

  • Veteran (35 -49)

  • Master (50 -59)

  • Super Master (60 and over)


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