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Thunder Bay Cycling

  • Bicycles for Humanity - Thunder Bay
  • Safe Cycling Thunder Bay
  • Caribou Charity Ride
  • Mini-Go Ride
  • The Memorial Link
  • Community Spokes

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Thunder Bay

Other Cycing Information

Below are some new bicycle planning and evaluation resources you may find useful:
  • Cycling Trends and Policies in Canadian Cities" This is the prepublication version of a paper by John Pucher and Ralph Buehler which describes cycling programs and trends in major Canadian cities. The study finds that cities which invested in cycling facilities and programs have experienced increased bicycle use. It provides recommendations for planning strategies to further increase bicycle transportation.
  • Bicyclepedia" is a bicycle facility benefit/cost analysis tool available free on the Internet, produced by the Active Communities Transportation Research Group at the University of Minnesota, for NCHRP project 07-14. This tool helps users calculate a bicycle facility's demand, costs and benefits, based on extensive original research and development of analysis methods. It is currently in the Beta testing stage. The authors welcome feedback.
  • Research by Professor Jennifer Dill at Portland State University analyzes the effects of urban form and roadway connectivity on nonmotorized travel, and how the provision of cycling facilities affects bicycle commuting rates. This can help identify ways to create more walkable and cyclable communities. This research is ongoing, so additional results will be posted in the future.
  • On a different issue, Transport for London recently released its third annual report on Central London's congestion charging program. The report indicates that the program's benefits (congestion reductions, transit service improvements, reduced traffic accidents and improved air quality) continue, and provides more detailed analysis of the program's revenues, operating costs, and impacts on business activity. Based on this information we have updated our paper "London Congestion Pricing: Implications for Other Cities", which summarizes London's experience.
  • - Advocacy for respect for cyclists
  • Bike Toronto
  • Joe Hendry's messenger site - (includes lots of history on messenger races dating back to 1895
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