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Program Year-end Reports

President’s Report 2016


All 11 Executive positions were filled in 2016, although there were two resignations near the end of the season (Director at Large/Fat Bike Director and Secretary).  There was a new Director at Large: Matt LaPointe (who looked after the Fat Bike Program).   Overall a successful season.  Good numbers for membership and a variety of activities.  No major accidents or issues.  Had a race held in the downtown core with public spectators!


Overall membership was 283 registrants.  Of this total:  177 women, 106 men

  •  62.5% were female and 37.5% male members
  • 30 were additional family members (10.6%) 
  • 18 were youth members  (6.4%) – mostly due to interest in cyclocross

Registration opened in December in order to accommodate the Fat Bike program.  The majority of registrations occurred from mid-April to mid-May.   Overall registration is about the same as last year (282).  Our club made it mandatory for registrations be done ONLY on-line this year.  No major problems though CCN is very helpful with issues/problems.  CCN rate changes this year.  We had one Free Tryout day open to all and one for Cyclocross.

Time Trials, road racing, touring and cyclocross all saw increased participation. The demographics continue to include more women and younger participants.  Few events were cancelled. 

Sponsors:  Once again we thank our major sponsors who have contributed to the success of our club events:  City of Thunder Bay (Mapleward Landfill), Currie’s Print Shop, Fresh Air, Harbourview Optometry, KBM, Petrie’s Cycle and Sport, Rollin’ Thunder.   Thank you’s  were provided to our sponsors.

Sponsorship:  Once again we had a prize draw system based on participation in club events.  Members were given participation tickets, and 10 draws of $50 were held at each cycle store.  We have asked that TBCC be removed from the list of Caribou Charity Ride sponsors.    


There were no major accidents requiring ambulance assistance during the season. There were two minor incidents in the Women’s Rides and one in Touring reported to OCA.  The club continues to increase safety standards and to emphasize the importance of safety in all our programs.   It is very important for ride leaders to outline rules, procedures and areas of caution at the beginning of all program events.  Sag vehicle support is the norm for Women’s Rides, and Races.  St. Johns Ambulance support was provided for all our races and criteriums.   Club executive should continue these practice in future years as well as look for any new practices that will help ensure the safety of all members.  Recommendation is that Directors report ALL accidents, regardless of whether the rider thinks they are fine and no report is necessary.  This will take out any personal decisions being made.  Sometimes injuries don’t show up till later.  Follow up calls should be made after the accident as well.

No discipline or warning letters were issued this year. It is important that TBCC leads by example with safe, well run events.  

Website:  The website continues to be updated and provide valuable and interesting info to our membership.  Maps can be printed off the calendar of events.

Spring Expo

The Spring Expo kicks off the cycling season. All three cycle shops were represented and there were new and more “vendors” (i.e. Masters Swim Club, Meter Eaters, city groups).  Executive might consider getting on the TV show “About Town” to publicize the event and club next year. 

Police Foundations Games:

It was a successful collaboration between The Police Foundations Games and our club!  A time trial, road race and criterium in the downtown core were held in July.  There was good participation and lots of f fun!

Four thank you letters sent - to Jim Crosscombe (OCA), Paul Burke (City of TB), Regan Bolduc and Committee (Sharon Komar, Tom Armstrong).  Paul Burke said it was great to see the criterium downtown and endorsed the idea of holding another one.  Costs: policing, design, print and distribute flyers to notify all the impacted property owners of the road closure.  Event Grant may cover part of the costs.  Thank you to Dave MacIsaac for his work partnering with Regan Bolduc to bring the Can-Am Games opportunities to our members.

Road Racing:

We could not run our competitive program without the services of our race official Maureen Page.. Her dedication to the program ensures that our events meet a  professional standard. The club recognizes the effort and contribution that Maureen brings to our programs.   We were reminded this year that timed bike events cannot be held within city limits so we had to adjust a few of our time trial locations. 

Fat Bike Race:

Fat Bike program- 2016-2017 was the inaugural year for this program under the leadership of Matt LaPointe in collaboration with Black Sheep.  Safety concerns were discussed and added to the club’s Compendium of Rules.  Although the numbers were small it was a good idea to start up this new program since Fat Biking as an activity is growing.  The touring format for the events might have been the reason for low participation.  Look at more racing or stand-alone events next year.  Warm weather brought the season to an early close. 

Annual Banquet:

Once again we decided not to hold an Annual Banquet but to hold year-end celebrations for each program.  This should be reviewed each year and a determination should be made early in the planning of the year’s events so that the funds can be allocated to the various programs if a banquet is not going to be held.

CycleON - Ontario Cycling Strategy:

This is a 20 year vision to promote cycling and cycling safety in Ontario.  Implemented through a series of multi-year action plans.  Regional workshops to gather feedback are being held in ON – Thunder Bay is Nov.7

Board Function and structure

  • Incorporated information completed in accordance with OCA regulations. 
  • We reviewed the club by-laws (a yearly requirement) and made several changes.
  • A Director attended presentations – Sports Networking Evening, Going for Gold, Bike Friendly Business
  • The board should look into ways to encourage volunteer support -  members to be trained for volunteer positions needed to execute our programs i.e. turn marshal.  This would result in consistent and safe behavior while carrying out volunteer duties and take some of the load off program Directors. 
  • Directors should consider developing small committees to help run their programs and to develop leaders for future executive positions.

Recommendations for Next year: 

-          Continue having all registrations done on-line

-          Recommend the continuation of Destination Rides which were successful- higher participation numbers than regular tour rides.

-          Continue to have one or two general free tryout rides not attached to touring or women’s rides.  This will give new people a chance to ride in a club event in a small controlled group.

-          Continue Sponsorship Program again next year

-          Recommendation is that in the future accident reports are filled in for ALL accidentsregardless of whether the person thinks they are fine and no report is necessary.  This will take out any personal decisions being made.  Sometimes injuries don’t show up till later.  Follow up calls should be made after the accident as well.

-          Recommendation that each division budget for their own year-end social if there is not going to be a banquet.  If the decision is made to reintroduce the Banquet then the money can be redirected there (thought the decision to hold a Banquet or not should be made early in the planning of our season)

-          Recommend that IF there is a Director available then continue to develop the Fat Bike program but as stand alone and/or racing events not as a touring program.  i.e. Fat Bike ride after the Loppet, tryout day on Global Fat Bike Day, a clinic, 3-4 races.  Try to use unique locations. 

-          Coaching had 3 well attended events plus the Women’s Ride and Cyclocross clinics. Two sessions were not as well attended possibly due to the time in the season.   Recommend looking at the timing of these events.  Continue to look at ways to develop rider skills.

-          Use of the landfill site for rider development sessions – due to the cost we could combine with other events i.e. before a Criterium. 

-          Continued development of Cyclocross Children’s Race Program

-          Directors could consider teams/committees to help run their programs which will alleviate the workload and could help with transition of leadership in future years.                

-          Put Director Reports on the website.  Should be available for future directors. 

-          Continue publicizing club activities in the newspaper (article and pics) …maybe try to find a person interested in being our publicity writer.  i.e. Director at Large could do this

-          Follow up to a successful CAN-AM Games partnership- Paul Burke is interested in seeing more cycle events in the city. 

-          There were several items not completed from our short term task list:  How to attract younger/new  members, commissaire training, equipment purchase, feedback on change in Banquet format, Volunteer Support and training (NOTE: there is a Cycling Training Fund Initiative available for application) Gender neutral Policy, add a blog section to website to get feedback from members  and not on the list but brought up early on – Discussion on an Advanced Group Ride- having a shoot-out type of riding program.

-          New Executive should look at whether they want to look at a junior program

Ontario Cycling Association

We continue to have a strong, positive working relationship with OCA.  All the required competitive program applications were submitted on time and as required by OCA.  Pam and Kate were presenters at the annual meeting in Toronto in February.  They presented a well-received session on how to  developing a Women’s Only program.  Congrats to Pam and Kate!!!  We received support for our participation in the Police Foundations Games.  For TBCC to have insurance coverage for competitive events, the level of safety support needs to be maintained at the level established in 2013.  All race courses must meet minimum standards and racers must adhere to the Highway Traffic Act.

The OCA is currently planning its 2017 Club Development/Excellence Summit which is currently scheduled for Saturday February 04, 2017.

I am very appreciative of all the Directors who worked diligently to provide a great season of cycling for club members.  As President, their knowledge, advice and commitment was hugely appreciated.   Kudos to them!!

Respectively submitted by Linda Browning Morrow       October 26, 2016


                             TOURING GROUP REPORT

The Touring group had a successful 2016 season.  There were 15 scheduled rides, two of which were cancelled due to weather. A special thank you to the leaders of these rides: Cheryl Armstrong, Jim Bidnall, David Curtis, Pam Dawes,Steve Kissin, Bernice Parent, Iris Reynolds, Jim Sidlar, Peter Young, and Fabio Zorzes. Without their commitment to Touring, these rides would not have happened.

We had an increase in participation this year, with an average of 14 riders per ride, compared to an average of 11 riders per ride in 2015. This increase was due, I believe,  to the four Destination rides that were added to the Touring schedule.  The Destination rides were very well received, with two of the four rides having 19 and 31 riders. We are hoping to continue with the Destination rides, and possibly increase the number next year.  The first ride of the season was to the Cheese Farm on May 7th, and was once again a popular ride with 23 participant

There was a single cycle accident that was reported, with no serious injury.

Respectfully submitted,    Dave Anderson, Touring Director


                  Director of Coaching 2016  Year End Report

Took the role of coaching for TBCC in a new direction for 2016.   A series of seminars with a specific topic were held from June to August beginning with an introduction to training and ending with a time-trialing seminar.

Numbers started out strong with over 10 attendees to the first seminar held indoors. Numbers continued strong at the second “basic bike handling” course run by Keith AIley with around 20 riders attending.

In the later part of the season attendance began to drop with only 6 riders attending the group riding seminar and almost none attending the final 2 (intro to road racing and time-trialing)

The most successful aspect of coaching in the club this year was the collaborations with other directors. A women’s group riding clinic was held by Pam and Kate with enough attendance for 4 groups ranging from beginner to advanced. A cyclocross clinic was also put on by Keith with a large number of children and adults.

Overall recommendations for next year would be to continue to work with the various other directors in the club for discipline specific coaching opportunities as well as more basic clinics run early in the year to generate interest in the upcoming season and to build skills and confidence early.

Chris Mitchell, Director at Large-Coaching


                              FAT BIKE YEAR END REPORT

– submitted by Linda Browning Morrow

Inaugural year of this program under the leadership of Matt LaPointe.  Matt worked collaboratively with Black Sheep and a committee of 8 people.  The rides ran from January to March (Jan 1,10-Womens Fat Bike Day, 13,17,26, Feb 3, 13, 23, 28, cancellation of March 9,19,22,17 due to an early thaw).  Began with Global Fat Bike Day Ride (Dec.5).  We added items to our Risk Management Guidelines to cover Fat Bike ride concerns.   Numbers were not that high and discussion at the end of our season focussed on doing more stand alone events and/or races than on touring rides i.e. Fat Bike ride after the Sleeping Giant Loppet, tryout day on Global Fat Bike Day, a clinic, 3-4 races.  Try to use unique locations since regular riders will probably not come out for rides on the routes they already ride. 


                           Cyclocross Year End Report 2016

For the 2016 season, we started with a cyclocross clinic, which was also a free try-out day on September 25th.  At the clinic, Chris Mitchell worked with advanced riders, Marilyn Ailey took the women, intermediate and beginners while I taught the young riders the basics of cyclocross.  The clinic was very well-received by the participants and several joined our club so they could continue to participate in the upcoming race events.

As of this report in late October, we have had five races at the Canada Games Complex location and we have prepared the Centennial Pines Golf Course location for the final two cyclocross races and a bonus gravel road race on November 13th.   Attendance at both the Sunday and Thursday events has been fantastic and we peaked with 39 participants in the October 2nd events and 35 in the October 10th event.

Most importantly, we finally have a thriving “Kids’ Cross” event on Sundays where we are averaging about 10 participants each week! 

The cyclocross series is considerably more “high-maintenance” considering the amount of hours we spend prepping the courses, but it has been made possible by three dedicated volunteers:  Darrell Hay, Chris Mitchell, and Dave Krasnichuk.  As well, most of the other participants usually chip in to help set up and take down the course markers and flagging tape for each event.

As we move towards the end of the season, participants can look forward to more prizes (we have given away as many as 20 at some well-attended events) as well as the addition of some new and unique hand-crafted awards like the Best Costume Award at our upcoming Halloween Cross event.

Club members are encouraged to come out and cheer on the racers or maybe jump into an event with their ‘cross, mountain or fat bike.

 Keith Ailey


2016 Women's Only End of  Season Report

The Women’s Only had a great season of cycling in this 2016 season. We had 138 unique riders this season which is down from 158 last season. We had 21 new riders join our group this year. We met on the first and third Wednesday from May until the end of August. We provided 9 rides, a 100km challenge ride and 4 educational clinics. We offered a short, medium and long ride option. Last year we introduced a 4th option with a long ride at a slower pace and continued that this year as it was well received by members. All of our rides have a leader, a sweep, sometimes a middle person and a sag service provided. Each ride is also sponsored by one of the three bike shops in town, which means a mechanic is present at the beginning of the ride.

Our clinics are scheduled on alternate Wednesdays from our rides in the months of May and June. We did take advantage of a Fat Bike clinic in the frigid month of January as well. The clinics were as follows:

1. January 2016-This year we were fortunate to have Matt Lapointe come onto the executive as a Fat Bike Director. He offered the Women’s Only a Fat Bike clinic to introduce us to the sport. Petrie’s provided bikes so that we could give it a go. Judging by the smiling faces and it was freezing- so smiles were hard to come by-it was a success. Thanks Matt.

2. May 11-Janet Sillman and Paul Hemsworth gave a talk at Superior High called Aspire To Be All you Can. Janet has been a competitive athlete for almost 50 years and spoke to us what inspires her to keep training at a world level and how to stay focused on what’s important in life.  Her session encouraged us to think about our goals and how to bring them to fruition. Paul is a well respected personal trainer and owner of Thrive Strength and Wellness.  He is a strength coach for the NTDC ski team and gave us an incredible amount of information on how to train smart. It was a session that we all walked away with strategies to improve our fitness.

3. May 25-We had the annual Tire Changing Clinic which is open to the whole club. It’s a great opportunity to refresh ourselves on how to change a flat. It is an interactive clinic with each person attending changing their own back tire. It’s an important clinic as it empowers individuals to be able to take care of themselves and every year we get such positive feedback from participants who do at some point in the season get a flat and are able to change it themselves.

4. June 8-Chris Mitchell-the Coaching Director for TBCC provided a Learning To Ride In A Group Clinic. Safe Cycling was in attendance as well to provide leadership for the beginner group. We had 3 leaders break the intermediate and advanced riders into 3 groups and we took to the roads for a hands-on instructional clinic on how to ride safely in a group. A very beneficial clinic for all riders.

Our attendance numbers for the 2016 were as follows:

May 4- 84 riders             May 18- 92 riders

June1-46 riders              June 15-60 riders

July 6-81 riders               July 20-57 riders

July 23-100 km Challenge-55 riders

August 3-52 riders         August 17-51 riders           August 24-61 riders

As far as volunteers go we need to have approximately 7 volunteers for each ride. We always manage to have people fill in where we need them but it seems too often be the same people. We have a sign up for volunteers online so they can look at the whole season and see where they can lend a hand. Often there are holes but when an email is sent out for volunteers people sign up. We continue to acknowledge the importance of volunteers in the running of our program and stress that we cannot do this without them. At the beginning of each ride those that have volunteered to lead or sweep are introduced to the group in recognition of their efforts. At our windup we always set aside a number of prizes to be given in a draw to those that have helped us out. SAGS are also given a $10 gift certificate at the beginning of each ride. 

This year we filled out just 1 accident report and ironically it happened at the Learn To Ride In A Group clinic when wheels touched. The rider that went down was not injured and we followed up twice to see how she was. We are happy to see that this fall Oliver Paipoonge has fixed the railroad tracks on Poleline Road which were problematic as there have been people go down on them in previous years. This year when we did cross them we had a leader there to slow people down and show them how to properly cross them.

In February 2016 Pam and I were honoured to have been asked to attend the Ontario Cycling Association’s AGM Summit to speak about Thunder Bay Cycling Club’s Women’s Only program. Many other clubs in Ontario are trying to expand the number of women in their clubs. As it stands at the moment most cycling clubs in Ontario have about two thirds male and one third female members. Our club in Thunder Bay is very unique in that those numbers are reversed. We had 175 female members and 97 males this season. We had quite a few people come up to us expressing interest in our power point presentation on our club and how we structure our woman’s program. We made contact with several participants who were interested in setting up a similar program in their clubs. Marnelle from the St. Thomas Cycling Club got in touch with us as two of their members saw our presentation and were impressed by what Thunder Bay was doing. We spoke to Marnelle about our program and they went ahead and set up a few rides which were well received by their female members. The Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club also organized a women’s only group called the e-gals. Janis and Paolina said they based their program on the TBCC template and have received publicity from the local paper and radio station. They have been in touch with us and sent us a message of thanks for being the springboard as they feel its going to grow quickly! It’s a really great feeling to know that you’ve made an impact. So many people were impressed that a small city like Thunder Bay has such a vibrant cycling club that offers such diverse program opportunities for their members!


Submitted by Kate Tinkler


TBCC 2016 Road Race and Time Trial Year-End Report

In general, the season was a success. 


-       TBCC helped organize and provide participates for the 2016 CAN / AM Police Fire Games held in Thunder Bay.  Starting in 2015, many TBCC Executive members worked with Police Fire Games volunteers to plan and run the successful event.

-       Over 700 race starts between Time Trials, Road Races and Criteriums (not including Police Fire Games).

-       We continue to attract riders from MN (2 in 2016).

-       TBCC riders continue to be competitive outside of Thunder Bay (Chris Mitchell, Jeff Chambers- Bedard, Janet Sillman,  John Esposti, among others).


Below are stats from 2011, 2012 and 2016.  For perspective, 2012 was a relatively busy year and saw notable increases in all aspects of the racing program. 

2011 Time Trials


2012 Time Trials





Total Race Starts


Total Race Starts





Unique Riders


Unique Riders





Total # TTs


Total # TTs





Average # Riders Per TT


Average # Riders Per TT












2011 Road Races


2012 Road Races





Total Race Starts


Total Race Starts





Unique Riders


Unique Riders





Total # RRs


Total # RRs





Average # Riders Per RR


Average # Riders Per RR






2016 Time Trials





Total Race Starts

516 (529 with Police/Fire)





Unique Riders

89 (102 with Police/Fire)





Total # TTs

21 (22 with Police/Fire)





Average # Riders Per TT










2016 Road Races





Total Race Starts

206 (234 with Police/Fire)





Unique Riders






Total # RRs

10 (12 with Police/Fire)





Average # Riders Per RR














Relative to 2012, we have seen an increase in total number of riders and average number of riders per Time Trial, but a decrease in number of unique riders.   Road Racing numbers appear slightly lower than 2012, but still quite good given the strength of the program that year.  In general, while the membership has changed significantly in the younger demographic, total participation numbers remain relatively steady.  Based on 2016 membership of approximately 273 (as of Sept 27, 2016), the number of unique riders indicates that 1/3 of the membership is participating in the racing program. 

2016 Time Trial Participation Levels.

Greatest number in attendance TT: 33 Riders, May 19, River Road.

 2016 Road Race Participation Levels.

 Greatest number in attendance RR: 30 Riders, July 9, Barrie Loops.

Many Time Trials saw over 30 racers, while others were poorly attended (3 riders raced the Moose Hill Climb on August 11).  We missed one TT on August 4th due to weather.  All other events were held as scheduled.  The Time Trial participation graph illustrates a slight, but steady drop in rider numbers throughout the season.  As usual, Time Trial participation was high during the Triple Crown.  The Road Race participation graph illustrates a different trend, with participation peaking mid-season (again, the Triple Crown was well attended), then dropping toward the end of the season.


  • Recruit a small team of directors to plan and organize the races.  Race Director ‘fatigue’ becomes a problem mid-season.
  • Start getting Time Trial volunteers early.  Use Facebook and attendance at Time Trials (works well when holding riders at start) to solicit.  Use the google doc on the website to organize volunteers.
  • Director or ‘race program team member’ should be present at all events if possible.  Visibility and consistency from the director(s) is important, especially at the road races.
  • Hold regular pre-event briefing to establish / reinforce rules, review previous events, gather feedback and establish a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Continue to work with City of Thunder Bay and Landfill staff. Make contact early in the year to provide time to complete necessary documents/information.
  • Similarly, contact the MTO and any other Municipal offices to determine road maintenance schedules.
  • Continue placing responsibility for TT turn-arounds and all stop signs with the riders.
  • Plan contingency road race courses that can be quickly organized (River Road/Barrie Drive loops?). 
  • Consider McCluskey Rd. west of HW 130 for a new hill climb TT venue.

Other Ideas:

  • Maintain contact with City of Thunder Bay to potentially hold another sanctioned event within the city limits.  Our experience with the Police Fire Games


Dave MacIsaac    2016 TBCC Race Director


Financial Year-end Report 2016  -to be posted


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