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2017 Thunder Bay Cycling Club Membership

NOTE:  Registration MUST be done on-line.  No paper/manual regstrations will be accepted.

TBCC offers a wide range of cycling activities including:
*Group Rides                                 *Women-Only Rides                         *Time Trials
*Road Racing                                 *Structured Rides                              *Cyclocross         *Fat Bike Rides
*Clinics on a variety topics

Your Membership Fee allows you to participate in ALL TBCC activities!


TBCC is an affiliate member of the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA).

Prior to participating in any Club events, TBCC members:

  • must register online through the CCN site in order to meet OCA requirements
  • must complete and verify/sign the approved OCA waiver in full
  • read the club's Compendium of Rules and agree to abide by them
  • read the club's Risk Management Plan found on our web page under the TAB About TBCC and Safety

Membership Fees for 2017: 

  • Individual Adult OR First Adult member of Family -  $76    (OCA fee of $40 + Club fee of $36)
  • Each Additional Adult Family member - $61    (OCA fee of $40 + Club Fee of $21)
  • Youth (under 19-born 1996 or later) -  $51    (OCA fee of $40 + Club Fee of $11)
  • Black Sheep Member  - Youth $11       (OCA fee covered through Black Sheep + Club Fee of $11)
  • Black Sheep Member Adult $36  (OCA fee covered through BLack Sheep + TBCC fee of $36)

Here's what you need to know to Register:

There are 2 steps to registering as a Club Adult member and 3 steps as a Minor/Youth member:
Step One:  Complete the TBCC membership – fee will automatically be billed when you select appropriate category.
                           o $36 Adult  and Black Sheep member Adult
                           o $21 Additional Adult member of family
                           o $11 Youth / Black Sheep Youth member
Step Two:  Complete the OCA membership.  Select the Associate Club Membership (Competitive Club) at $40 unless you are already covered by OCA as a licensed rider (UCI) or a member of Black Sheep.

When you “checkout”, the billing will show a section for TBCC membership and a section for OCA membership.

*NOTE:  During the registration process you will be asked if you want a membership card mailed to you.  Please check "YES" so that each of you will receive, by email, an OCA Affiliate Club Membership card with your name on it.   By carrying this card with you when cycling you will be able to show that you are an insured rider. 

All members are asked to carry a printout of your online registration receipt as proof of your membership when participating in TBCC events.   

What you need to know when registering a Youth Member:

Step Three:  Minor/Youth members under the age of 19 (born 1998 or later), MUST have a parent/guardian complete their waiver with a physical signature indicating parental consent.  The signed waiver MUST be printed and submitted to both OCA and TBCC prior to participating in TBCC events.
   • Scan the signed PDF waiver and email to OR fax to 1-855-488-0812.  Also email the scanned form to

**Youth memberships are not valid until the waiver is received and the membership is processed.**



Our club can allow other OCA members to participate in club events.  A GUEST RIDER is someone who lives more than 100km outside of Thunder Bay.  A guest will have to provide proof of OCA membership.  If the rider does not have OCA membership he/she will be required to pay  the OCA membership fee of $40 plus submit a signed waiver to OCA PRIOR to participating in any TBCC event.  This must be done on-line through the OCA website.  (more information is available on our Home Page)

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