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Risk Management Plan

There are inherent risks involved with all aspects of cycling, most notably:        

  • Proximity to motor vehicles, other cyclists, pedestrians, road & animal hazards
  • Poorly maintained bicycle, helmet, or cycling apparel
  • Inadequate cycling skills or physical conditioning for group rides or races
  • Inclement weather conditions and poor road surfaces

Each CLUB annually purchases General Liability Insurance coverage through the Canadian Cycling Association for each CLUB member.  Riders must become Ontario Cycling Association members.  The CLUB must receive signed waivers from each CLUB member; membership is not assigned or granted until a signed waiver is received by the CLUB.   

The TBCC has developed a Risk Management Plan with established procedures designed to reduce the possibility of accidents.  This document outlines how both the competitive and non-competitive club activities are to be managed to reduce risks associated with cycling activities.   Since all CLUB members, and any permitted visiting riders, share the responsibility for making CLUB rides as safe as possible these policies are to be practiced by everyone during every CLUB ride.   Each CLUB member shall receive a copy or a link to access this Risk Management Plan and a copy shall be available on the CLUB website. All participants will be informed that the ultimate responsibility for safety rests with the individuals themselves. 

While each TBCC event is unique with its own characteristics, these general strategies should serve to minimize risk and improve the safety of club members while on club rides.

A         CLUB RIDES:

  1. CLUB Rides are defined as rides formally organized by TBCC and as described on the TBCC website and on record with OCA.   Rides not listed on our website are not club rides.  All TBCC programs and rides shall adhere to UCI, CCA, CC rules and regulations as they pertain to CLUB Rides.
  2. ONLY members in good standing or visiting riders will be allowed to participate in club rides.  Participants willprovide proof of membership prior to each ride, if requested by the ride coordinator or a Board Director.  Members will sign in at each event on an approved TBCC sign in sheet.
  1. If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to, the  club ride may proceed, however, the ride coordinator shall advise the ineligible rider, with a witness present, that  he or she is ineligible an is not covered by any club insurance and is responsible for all his/her actions.
  2. Club rides will be planned to use lesser traveled roads where possible and practical.
  3. Ride leaders will make an effort to review routes for safety issues prior to setting up a ride.  They will also look over any club equipment that will be used.  Participants will be encouraged to become familiar with the routes and possible dangers/hazards.
  4. Club rides will not occur if lightning is present and will be cancelled or postponed if lightning is sighted.  If the ride is postponed it cannot take place until no lighting is sighted for 30 consecutive minutes. 
  5. Sizes of the group for Women’s Rides, and Touring will be considered.  When a large number of participants show up for an event, members will be divided into smaller groups.  Group sizes will be determined by the group leader based on participants.  There will not necessarily be a designated lead for each of these smaller groups.   No groups shall start within 100 meters of the group ahead.   If a leader feels that the group size is unsafe then the group sizes will be adjusted according to conditions.  NOTE:  In the case of a race the race might be neutralized. 


  1. ANSI or SNELL approved bike helmets MUST be worn by participants at all times while riding.
  1. Eyewear and gloves will be strongly encouraged, as well as carrying ID and cell phones for emergencies.
  1. The use of head phones/buds/speakers (listening to music)  Ipods, Mp3’s etc. are banned from all club rides/races. 


            Riders will be informed of their responsibilities as outlined below.

  1. Riders MUST adhere to and obey all the rules of the road as per the Highway Traffic Act (Ontario), and OCA rules.
  2. Riders will be provided copies of the TBCC Compendium of Safe Cycling Responsibilities, Rules and Requirements for All Members, by which they must abide (Appendix A).  Members will be provided a link to this document on the website.  Each club ride participant will conduct themselves in a responsible manner and retain liability for their own actions.  
  3. Riders are responsible for ensuring that their bicycles are in good working order and that they are self-sufficient to ride, having at least a tire repair kit.  
  4. Riders are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit for the activity in which they will be participating.
  5. Riders are to ensure they have an adequate supply of water, sports drink, and nutritional supplements, and appropriate clothing as required for the activity in which they are participating.
  6. Riders will be encouraged to have a basic understanding of group riding skills.  They will be encouraged to participate in any skills development programs offered by the club.
  7. Riders may be requested to complete a skills development program before attending or continuing to attend regular scheduled club rides.
  8. Riders must not participate if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  9. While trail riding all riders must be courteous and considerate of other trail users and the trail system.
  10. Riders who do not finish an event are to report to the commissaire or designated ride leader that they are withdrawing. 

D         SAFETY:

  1. The Ontario Cycling Association’s  ‘Cyclists’ Responsibility Code’  will be posted on the TBCC website.(Appendix B)  Members will be provided a link to this document.
  2. The TBCC website, hotline and Facebook page will be used to provide information for upcoming rides or events, route/race maps, and last minute changes to scheduled events.
  3. All club members are responsible for bringing forward to the Club Board of Directors any safety issues related to club rides which present themselves throughout the season.  
  4. Any club member should immediately advise the ride coordinators and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner.  The member should withdraw from the ride if they feel unsafe.
  5. Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.
  6. ALL accidents MUST be reported to a Board Member/Director for reporting to the OCA, and recorded on the OCA accident reporting forms. 


  1. Ride marshalls/leaders will be at each club ride to manage the group.   Ride leaders will carry cell phones for emergency use on all club rides.  The ride leader(s)  (or his/her designate) have the final decision on all matters pertaining to the club ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all participants.    When available sweeps will be provided as well.  
  2. Before each club ride/race the designated leader will:
    1. Identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of the leader
    2. make a pre-ride/race announcement reminding riders of safety tips pertaining to the ride
    3. review the planned route, or any changes to the route, and identify any anticipated road hazards (i.e. rail tracks)
    4. provide two emergency numbers of key race people to riders
    5. Ride Directors will make a determination about cancelling a ride if there is inclement weather 


  1. TBCC has an informative race booklet  titled,  Rules and Regulations:  Competitors Handbook, providing information and specific rules  and regulations regarding all race procedures (Time Trials, Criteriums, Cyclocross).  All competitors will either receive a hard copy or a link to access the booklet on our website.  It is the rider’s responsibility to be familiar with the content of the booklet.    (see attached booklet. )
  2. Road signs indicating that “Riders are ahead”  will be used when available.



  1. A minimum temperature of -20 degrees C, with or without wind chill, OR poor weather conditions will result in a ride being cancelled.  Environment Canada weather information will be accessed.
  2. The Group Ride Leader will review the planned route in order to ascertain any safety issues.
  3. All ride routes will avoid open water.
  4. Special attention must be paid when ride routes go near water (rivers, swamps, lakes).   Rides should only go over water areas that are shallow and frozen.  The Group Ride Leader will scope out the area within a day of the ride and make a decision about the safety of the area and whether to change the route.
  5. A sweep may be provided when available at a ride.  Both the leader and the sweep must know the route and have a cell phone. 


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