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Road Racing

Dear fellow club members:

Welcome to the 2015 competitive cycling season. The Racing Committee has been hard at work developing and planning exciting Road Races, Time Trials, Criteriums and Cyclocross races for the 2015 season. We have instituted several new changes to the programs for this year. 

We have had to hurry with our race approvals this year to accomodate the first "Fat Bike" race that the club is hosting on March 8. Many thanks to Thomas, Nathan, Keith and gang for giving this a try. If we see good interest the program will be expanded in future years. 

OCA was very pleased with our race application this year. Note the comment from Greg Rawson, of OCA below: "I really do appreciate the work the club put into developing these documents. I truly feel that you have met the highest standard in risk management when it comes to Ontario clubs running competitive events."

As you will recall we our somewhat restricted on what race courses we can use with the new insurance regulations. We have been able to keep our traditional Hymers Classic, Triple Crown and Barrie Loops race routes. New for this year is the Boundary Road loop off Hwy 61. This loop course will have 1 touch down point at the junction with Hwy 61. We have retained two “Australian Pursuit” format road races after positive feedback from last year’s participants. This format encourages proper teamwork and group riding techniques and provides all categories the opportunity to “win” the competition.

We have assembled a great Time Trial schedule for this year with a good mix of old and new. 

You will note that we have moved the Triple Crown to mid-July this year. Participants will need to complete three of the four events to qualify in the final standings.

There was good response to the Criterium series last year and we have increased the number up to 3 from 2. 

Please use this handbook as a reference book and a high level guide throughout the cycling season, with the understanding that weather, course changes and cancellations can happen.  Be sure to check the hotline, TBCC’s website @ or our Facebook webpage for any updates.

We implore you to review and understand the safety rules and regulations for our events.  We love cycling and it is of paramount importance that our competitive events and group rides function as safely as possible. Your Race Committee welcomes your constructive feedback throughout the year.  Feel free to contact any of the undersigned should you have any concerns or ideas. Above all, ride safely and enjoy the 2015 season.

 Dave MacIsaac          Race Director   




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