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Start Point: County Fair Plaza

County Fair Plaza: Short (25 km) Whishart Conservation Area.


Leave from the mall parking lot turn right onto East Ave. and then immediately left on to Market. Swing left onto ____ and turn right onto Hilldale road. Alternatively you can proceed carefully up Dawson Road to the lights at Fassina/Hilldale. Turn right and follow Hilldale up to Melbourne. Turn right on Melbourne (the gravel is usually well packed) and right to Onion Lake Rd. Turn left and follow road to Conservation Area. Check out the trails then return back all the way down Onion Lake Rd.

Points of Interest:

  1. Wishart Conservation Area: We are spoiled with this fine conservation area. Several hiking trails through typical Spruce/Jack Pine Boreal Upland forest.



County Fair Plaza: Medium (35 km): Very challenging and hard.


Course is best suited for cross bike; several sections of gravel.Tough climb on gravel for about 5 km of course. Follow Onion Lake Road up to Kam Current Road. Once you turn onto Kam Current it is all uphill until you get onto Hazelwood Drive. This is one of the toughest sustained climbs in Thunder Bay and it is confounded by the fact that most of it is on gravel. There is one more climb to get to the crest of Hazelwood then it is all downhill back to Dawson Road. Be careful coming down since some of the pavement is broken up and bumpy.




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