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Start Point: Paipoonge Museum

Paipoonge Museum: Short (30 km)


 One of the more popular rides in Thunder Bay. I have shown the ride starting from the Museum but you can also park on the side road behind Lulu's Variety Store or at the Whitewater Golf Course parking lot. All spots will take you onto Hwy 130 across the Kam River and onto Barrie Drive. You can turn off Barrie Drive onto C-Line which brings you back on to Hwy 588 just above the Stanley Bridge. Watch your speed going down to the bridge and then follow the scenic 5 km ride on River Road and rejoin Barrie Drive turning left back to your start location.

Points of Interest

Stanley Tavern:

  1. Head over the bridge and grab a beer and a "Stanley Burger" at the Tavern overlooking the Kam. Fred Eaglesmith usually plays here on his cross Canada tours. You may need to ride the loop twice to wear off the Stanley Burger.




Paipoonge Museum: Medium (30 km)


Easy course which takes you through Roslyn Village, across the Highway up to the north on the rural roads in and around Murillo. Be careful when you cross the two Highways.

Points of Interest:

  1. Paipoonge Museum: If it is open it is worth a tour
  2. Village of Murillo: Lovely small rural community
  3. Carol's Cakes: Just before you finish, and as you cross the highway at Twin Cities Crossroads is Carol's Cakes. They specialize in pastries and cakes.
  4. Lulu's Variety: Adjacent to museum and just after you cross the railway tracks is Lulu's variety. They always have hot dogs and burgers ready to go. Drop in for a pit stop.



Paipoonge Museum: Long Course (90 km)



 Winds through some of the prettiest sites in Thunder Bay. You will pass through the Hamlets of Nolalu, Hymers and Stanley. The route follows most of the Caribou Charity ride so be sure to remember it is almost 100 km and be prepared. There are several variety stores that you can get food and drink along the way: Green Acres, Lulu's and St. Urho's Golf Course. Be careful on the downhill leading into Hymers. There are several bumps near the bottom and the pavement is not in the best of shape. You can check out the Hymer's museum if it is open or stop for 9 holes at St. Urho's golf course. They tell me it is similar to Augusta National. 

Points of Interest:

  1. Villages of Hymers, Stanley
  2. Hymers Museum
  3. St. Urho's Golf Course

Rest Stops

  1. Green Acres Variety: Junction of Hwy's 588 & 595
  2. St. Urho's golf course
  3. Stanley Tavern: Just up from the Stanley River Bridge




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