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Time Trials


Time trials are held most Thursday evenings, beginning at 6:30 p.m. from April through September, unless the weather isn’t suitable. On days of questionable weather, check our FACEBOOK site or website for more info.

Time Trial Volunteer sign up sheet : Click here 

How to Start Time Trialing

TT'ing is an easy way to get into racing. No bunch to keep up with, and no danger of being dropped! The beauty of time trialling is that the rider sets their own standard and then measures their effort over the course on the given day.

To get started, you don't need a fancy bike - just turn up on your normal road bike to one of our regular Thursday evening club events during the summer where you can enter.. You'll be given a number, told your start time and then all you have to do is ride round the course in the shortest time you can!

Yes there will be people dressed up with their aero bikes, helmets and equipment but remember each person is competing against their own standards and expectations.

Sign Up:

Sign-up for the TT's must be completed before 6:25 pm (5, 10, 15, 20km). Turn-around marshals should also be there by 6:15pm. This will ensure that the events start on time.

Categories, Points and Awards

Male and Female

  • Pre-Junior (under 16)

  • Junior (16 -18)

  • Senior (19 -34)

  • Veteran (35 -49)

  • Master (50 -59)

  • Super Master (60 and over)

Time Trial Courses:

Note the dates that each course will be used.

River Road (10 km):

One of the perennial favourite courses. Winds along the river. Slightly uphill going out and slightly down coming back.


Highway 130 (20 km)

Start at Whitewater GC entrance and takes Hwy 130 south down to the grass airstrip just before it meets Hwy 61. Good course but can get windy. Pavement has a few cracks and traffic can be busy some nights. Be careful at the turnpoint.



Hwy 61 to Gillespie (~13 km)  

New course in 2014. You will probably get your fastest time here since there is more downhill than uphill. Road surface is rough on Candy Mt. Road. Neutral ride out from the Neebing hotel.

Oliver Road (Murillo 15km)

Starts on the outskirts of Murillo and heads west to just after the downhill and the bend where the road heads south. The road can get quite busy so be very careful at the turnaround point.



Mapleward Road (7.3 km) 

You can park at the parking lot by Leppanen's store. Neutral ride to the start about 2 km from Dawson  at the base of the hill. Most of the climbing is in the first 5 km.

Lakeshore Drive (32 km)

Traditional long course on Lakeshore Drive. We park at the Bare Point Road and head out and back to the Firehall at the end of Lakeshore. Great paved shoulder but some of the motorists can be troublesome.


Lakeshore Drive (5 km)

Prologue for the Tour of Thunder Bay. One-way and very fast, the start is at the usual location, just east of Bare Point Rd


Time Trial Rules

Most of our time trials are  “out and back” courses. These courses have a turn-around point midway in the course where a marshal will be present.  Special attention must be paid to the act of turning.  There are two cones present at the turn-around location.  The first cone encountered is the Warning Cone and is located approximately 100 m from the second cone, which is the Turn-around Cone.  The turn-around marshal will be present at the second cone.   At the warning cone, any rider with aero bar extensions (any equipment that allows a rider to rest on their forearms) cannot have hands in the extensions; both hands must be on their road bars or bullhorns.  Between the warning cone and the turn-around cone, the rider must check for vehicle traffic in both directions.  NOTE:  It is not the responsibility of the turn-around marshal to indicate by voice or signal whether a vehicle is in the vicinity of the rider.   Nor will the turn-around marshal stop vehicles to allow a rider to turn.  However, if the turn-around marshal perceives that there is a safety risk or that an incident is imminent, they will advise the rider. 

Pre-Time Trial:

  1. Park vehicles in the designated area. No vehicles are to be parked along the TT course as a safety measure for riders and vehicles.

  2. Sign up on site by required time in order to obtain start number.

  3. Check bike to ensure it is in sound operating condition thus safe to ride, and secure helmet.

  4. Attend MANDATORY safety briefing.  Then complete the Participant Sign Off form.

  5. Obey instructions of starter, turn-around Marshalls and time keepers etc.

  6. Line up in order at starting line cue on the shoulder, off the road.   No more than 5 riders should be in the start line cue at any one time.

  7. Line up behind the start line with one foot on the ground unless bike is held straight.

  8. Start after the starter says, "Go".

  9. No restarts allowed if rider misses their start time.

  10. If a rider has a mechanical problem prior to their start they may be granted a restart 1 minute after the last rider.

During the Time Trial:

  1. Do not to use any portion of the TT course to warm up or cool down once the TT has started.

  2. No drafting of other riders (penalty disqualification) unless in team trials.

  3. Pass slower riders on the left ONLY.

  4. For added safety call out a warning to slower riders “Passing on your Left”.

  5. Keep 1 meter lateral distance from the rider being passed.

  6. When passed, rider must keep 5 meters behind the rider who took over (no drafting).

  7. Keep head up and hands on road bars or aero bars at all times.

  8. Do not cross the centre yellow line into the lane of oncoming vehicles.

  9. Take precautions at all intersections even if you have the right of way.

During Turnarounds on “out and back” courses:

  1. Watch for the Safety (Neutral) Zone cone, located 100 m before the turn-around cone.

  2. Sit up with both hands on road bars or ‘bullhorns’ when inside the 100m neutral zone.

  3. Do not pass another rider while in the 100 m neutral zone.

  4. Call out assigned start number to the turn-around marshal prior to turning.

  5. Check in both directions and determine if it is safe to make the turn at the second cone.

  6. If turning will, in any way, affect the safe travel of either the rider or a driver, the rider is to stop and wait for traffic to clear.  Turn when it is safe. 

  7. If a rider stops to allow traffic to pass, the marshal will record the amount of time the rider was stopped and their time will be adjusted accordingly.

  8. Turn around on the left side or road side of the cone.

At the end of the Time Trial:

  1. Call out assigned start number when crossing the finish line.

  2. Do not approach the time keeper until the TT is completed and after all the results are announced.

  3. Report all infractions or misconduct after completing the ride to the TT Coordinator or timekeeper.

  4. Any Infractions of the above rules will be dealt with under the Club disciplinary policy and can result in disqualification from this and future club events.

  5. If there is a rule dispute an official protest must be submitted to the TT Director within 48 hours of the completion of the TT.

  6. All accidents of any nature must be reported immediately to an official and the TT Director.  An OCA Incident report must be completed and forwarded to the OCA office.

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