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We are a Volunteer Based Club

In 1975 a group of volunteers came together and created the Thunder Bay Cycling Club. TBCC continues to be completely dependent on volunteers to organize and operate each of the Club activities. TBCC is run by a volunteer board of directors as set out in the TBCC Constitution, which coordinates the club activities and seeks volunteers. TBCC programs such as the Sunday tours, Women tours, Road Races, Criteriums Time Trials, Cyclo Cross (off Road) races, youth programs and various clinics/courses cannot be operated without volunteers. And all TBCC social events are all dependent on volunteers. In short volunteers are the foundation and life blood of TBCC. Without volunteers, the Club would cease to exist.


TBCC welcomes and values each volunteer. TBCC will strive to provide each volunteer with encouragement, guidance, instruction, recognition, respect and feedback.


The goal of the TBCC is for each volunteer to have positive, safe and fulfilling experience while performing needed tasks which support the Club.


A TBCC volunteer is anyone who offers his or her time and skills, without compensation or expectation of compensation, and performs an authorized task at the direction of and on behalf of the TBCC. A volunteer does not have to be a member of the TBCC or a cyclist. TBCC welcomes persons of all ages,abilities and backgrounds to consider volunteering with the Club.


Volunteers share in opportunities for socializing, learning, and contributing to their community.

  • Volunteers are valued as they help deliver safe, enjoyable, affordable cycling activities.
  • Volunteers select from a variety of tasks and activities that offer a sense of accomplishment
  • Volunteers will receive respect and recognition for their time, energy and achievements.


  • TBCC appreciates the valuable services provided by volunteers.
  • The Club will provide well organized assignments, friendly orientation, clear instructions, necessary tools and other supports needed for volunteers to perform their assigned activities in a safe, effective, and satisfying manner.
  • Volunteers are asked to be dedicated, reliable, honest and accountable to the TBCC

Volunteer Orientation

TBCC will make every effort to ensure volunteers are well-informed and prepared to complete their assigned task or activity. We will:

  • Match skills, abilities, talents and interest of the volunteer to those needed for the assignments.
  • Orient you on the task & the safety requirements, the results expected, and TBCC policies & procedures, (verbally and/or written)
  • Introduce you to other volunteers and their responsibilities.
  • Inform you of who and how to contact those in charge of the activity
  • Ensure you sign the attendance sheet as a volunteer for the event
  • Seek input and feedback from you on the task
  • Recognize your volunteer contributions


The liability insurance policy held by the TBCC covers all volunteers.This policy provides protection if anyone should sue the Club, the directors and the volunteers.

Thinking of Volunteering?

There are many things that volunteers can do to help the Club throughout the year. Please review the list of generic tasks, assignments and positions which the Club seeks volunteers to help carry out. We also welcome your suggestions on other tasks assignments and activities that you may wish to perform. If you wish to do any of these or if you wish to volunteer for some specific task or assignment not listed, simply contact the President or the Director for that activity.


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