Est. 1975

Thunder Bay Cycling Club

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A brief history of the club

TBCC is a group of folks ​coming together since 1975, ​to plan community cycling ​events that we love

to ride.

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Week at a glance

WoW Rid​e

6:30 pm start time

Neebing +golden hour refreshments



Harstone Gravel TT

6:30 pm start time

Parking at the the Stanley

6:30 pm start time

Whitewater Gold Club



Sunrise Group Ride

6:30 am start time

Rosslyn Community Centre



Coffee With Kraz Group Ride



10 am start time

Location to be posted soon!

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Women on Wheels

We ride to feel joy,

We ride to feel free,

We ride to escape expectations,

We are stronger together,

We are Women On Wheels!

WOW is centred around enjoyment and establishing ​confidence and community for female cyclists of various ​ages and passions. Every Tuesday, we gather at a ​different spot and offer three SAG-supported distances, ​accompanied by a sweep rider to guarantee that no ​woman rides solo.

Group Rides

Whether you're motivated by social ​interactions or caffeine, there's ​something truly magical about a group ​of adults in lycra coming together for ​a coffee shop ride.

Explore more chances to join the ​group this season with at least three ​monthly group rides on the TBCC ​calendar.


Check out the calendar for all Road Racing ​and TT events!

Time trial races take place on Thursday ​evenings during the summer season. These ​races challenge you to compete against the ​clock for your personal best.

All road racing events offer various ​categories to cater to cyclists of skill levels; ​from competitive racers to leisure riders.

Our events feature marked courses, SAG ​support, and lots of prizes.


"Cross is boss" is an understatement!

This all-ages, action-packed, 6-event series is fuelled by ​passion and prizes! Cyclocross is a great way to keep ​families active and promises as much healthy competitive ​bonding as a game of Monopoly but with the added bonus ​of physical activity!


The road-less-travelled riding style remains the front ​and centre focus in cycling worldwide! Thunder Bay ​boasts the best backroads with views that will take your ​breath away faster than the climb to get there! Join ​TBayCC as we race and tour the offshoots of Silver Islet ​and meander through Hymers to South Gillies.

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The 2024 club registration is live! Come and ride with us!

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